Financial Services for the Business Sector

Merchant Services

Bank Account Services

Brand Representation

Research and Development

Investigation and Interpretation

Regulatory Third-Party Network

Card Issuance

Fiat Escrow & Trust Services

Commercial Representation

Advisory Services

Third-Party Services Network

Document review and validation

From Merchant services & Fiat trust services, to Bank account services, Card issuance, Advisory and Introduction services, Blockcognitive work with the industry leaders to facilitate financial services for the Blockchain Sector

Increase your reach, grow your community, future proof your business, for all things Fiat, get Blockcognitive.

For your Business needs - get Blockcognitive

A bit more about Block Cognitive...

Established in 2016, Blockcognitive was the brainchild of a business trouble shooter and a development guru, firstly to understand Blockchain, then to advise businesses on best practise and usage, and discover the needs of Blockchain and digital asset businesses.


Through natural evolution and careful cultivation of its partners and clients, Blockcognitive expanded and matured with a hard earned reputation to bring value and tangible solutions to hundreds of global businesses, reaching far beyond the scope of Cryptocurrency to include all businesses regardless of their category


  • Merchant Services

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  • Card Issuance

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  • Banking Services

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